Beef Stew

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Difficulty: Easy

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1 cup carrot (largely diced)
1 cup celery (largely diced)
2 cups onion (largely diced)
1 cup parsnip (large diced)
1 cup peppers lg.dice
1 cup scallions (sliced)
1 cup parsley (chopped)
4 cups potatoes largely diced
2 ¼ lbs stew meat (largely diced)
52 ounces unsalted beef stock
2 bay leaves
1 tbsp Weber Roasted Garlic & Herb Season
1/2 cup bacon fat or olive oil
2 cups sherry
3-4 tbsp Paula Deen Southern Grilling





Dust stew meat with Paula Deen House Seasoning. Sauté meat with ¼ cup bacon fat or olive oil, in ½ batches. Fully brown meat, pull it from pan and set aside. Add onions to bacon grease and sauté until golden brown. Add sherry and deglaze pan, scraping to release. Take onions out and add to sautéed beef. Add ¼ cup bacon fat to pan and sauté remaining vegetables. Add 3 T Paula Deen Southern Grilling Butter Add ½ cup flour blend in and cook for one minute. Add 1 cup sherry flambé then add beef stock heat add bay leaves, Weber seasoning and simmer for 45 minutes or bake at 350 degrees for 1 to 1 ½ hours until meat is tender. Garnish finished stew in individual servings with scallions and parsley then a quenelle of Paula Deen Garden Herb Finishing Butter.

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